In Karelia
In it’s very wilderness
Catch new impressions
Wild fishing
Warm memories
Unforgettable vacation
Hunting farm – is hunting and fishing in Belomor district of republic of Karelia, cozy guest houses, off-road vehicles and vast experience of our huntsmen will give you chance to get a trophy and to have a pleasant vacation in the picturesque places.
In the last few years, “green” ecological routes are highly popular, they include visiting national parks and national areas, ethnographic tours that give you chance to visit Karelian, Pomorsky and Vepsian centuries-old settlements.
Spectacular sceneries, lakes full of fish, peaceful nature and a warm house will help you to have a great time with your friends or your family. Privacy of the place will guarantee you vacation free of noises, crowds and daily routine. For those who like fishing, there’re motorboats and all the equipment needed. For people who like active vacation we have ATVs and snowmobiles that are perfectly designed for extreme riding long-range tracks in the forest. Near the waterfall, there is Russian sauna that will help you to relax after a busy day.
We took care to create all the conditions for the perfect vacation!
Afar from noise
Being in the woods in a private place between two of the clearest forest lakes, transition of which forms natural waterfall. The sound of falling water and the rainbow in splashes enthralls the eye for a long time and touches the mind tired of civilization. It’s simply impossible to stop looking.
Fishing and hunting
Wild and uncurbed nature. Lakes full of different types of fish. Woods with its’ dead-wood hiding wild animals hunting you instead. Here’s where the human’s nature is to be shown. True fishing-men of Karelia are catching luck, not fish. And the true purpose of hunting is to find inner peace, not just for a trophy.
Hiking and walking trips
Troiza island — is one of the most mysterious places not only in Karelia, but in whole Russia. The first thing to amaze you is unusual quietness and centuries-old pines and spruces, diameter of some of them is over 4.5 meters. Locals strictly recommend not to stay there overnight, maybe it’s just a superstitions, but.. you better check it by yourself.
Unity with nature
Our lakes don’t change their appearance in one day. It looks magical and fascinating: it’s slightly rippling on one of them and another one is pouring with the rain. Being in the heart of Karelian nature you can see whole beauty of the world surrounding you, and when you close your eyes, you can hear it.
Comfort and service
Karelian comfort – is a privacy of the location, lack of connection and complete unity with the nature. Cleanest air is when it overwhelms you. Crystal clear water is when it’s from the depths of nature.
Choose your activity
for an unforgettable vacation
How to find us
This is the whole quest
Train to Petrozavodsk city, transfer – 397 km.
Train to Belomorsk town, we will meet you and take on our own car to the Novoe Mashezero village, and further to the destination point via off-road vehicle