In Karelia
In it’s very wilderness

Vacation for the whole family

Spend a family trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by the purity of the lake air and majestic pine trees. There is a place for recreation in the hunting farm, and the nature around contributes to health improvement and spiritual purification before working days. Get into the spirit of the unique Karelian nature!

Active vacation

You can enjoy fishing, go hunting or visit Troiza Island, one of the most mysterious places in Russia. Our ATV is at your service! During winter time don’t lose your chance to go skiing in Karelian forests and on the lakes you can enjoy ice fishing!


Get to know yourself among wild and charming nature of Karelia, enjoy moments of clarity and relaxing noises of the waterfall, mystery and quietness of woods and unforgettable sunsets. Each of these moments can be witnessed in harmony with our nature. Enjoy the view of collision of two lakes and take care to listen to the sound of nature waterfall drops on the stone.

Listen to the nature

The atmosphere of woods, peace and harmony will let your body and your mind recover while being in fairy places that draw your eyes. Feel natural serenity and peace of mystically charming Karelia.

Breathe fully

Clean fresh air penetrates into the lungs and spreads throughout the body. It's so fresh and clean that it makes my head spin. You live in cities, you live and breathe "civilization" – someone else's perfume, tobacco smoke, gasoline, car exhaust. You live and don't notice it until you inhale a breath of real clean air. For the sake of this alone, it's worth visiting us. Breathe deeply. Breathe and listen to the aromas of herbs, pine needles, water. A natural exquisite bouquet.


While being in the very heart of Karelia’s nature you have chance to witness all the beauty of the world surrounding you. Centuries-old woods, cleanest lakes, natural waterfalls, animals in their natural habitat, you can enjoy all of these fully dissolving in freedom and quietness.

Steaming-hot Russian sauna

Make your body and your mind relax in environmentally sound wooden sauna. Feel the heat of our stoves and enjoy the variety of twigs knit with soul. Afterwards for versed sauna enthusiasts there’s cold waterfall which is pleasure to dive in after steam room! When your health is your pleasure!

Get to know serenity

Fade away in the atmosphere of quietness, cleanness and harmony with the nature. Imbue yourselves with wild Karelia that is only known by a few and experience unforgettable felling of serenity and happiness as a reflection to amazing beauty surrounding you!

Take vacation with you

Get a whole number of strong emotions and breathtaking pictures, collect the gifts of nature, berries, mushrooms, gain the trophies during hunting and fishing! But the dearest thing is going to be your experience and memories of the vacation in our place!

Enjoy the views

Only a few get chance to behold the pristine beauty of nature in it’s natural appearance, but you have this chance, so don’t miss it! the beauty of Karelia is known in whole world, that’s why we invite you to stay on our Hunting farm situated in the woods so you can feel the atmosphere of the woods down to the tiniest details.

Touch the sky

See how the sky dive into the surface of the lake or pours solid rain. To see the sky embraced by sunset or blooming with sunrise.... Enjoy the unique image of the sky, which previously could only be seen in the photos of professionals!

Watch the sunrise

Enjoy the sunrises that can’t be seen in the city and only available here, charming with its’ unique beauty. Allow yourself to witness sun sliding on the surface of the lake, truly unforgettable and magic moments, created by the nature. Watch the sunrise here is equal to a therapy for people tired of busy big city life, people who want everything unpleasant to fade away and to stay alone with the nature…


Walking in the forest is truly amazing and useful activity but it’s far more convenient and amusing to do it using our all-terrain amphibious vehicle that we are ready to rent for you!  Using out ATV will let you witness all the sights, lakes, waterfalls and visit Troiza Island. You can even wind up at the outskirt of the world! There’s nothing impossible.


Get over yourself and conquer all the paths of giant forest surrounding you while the most interesting routes with varieties of views and places magical in its’ beauty that we saved for you! That’s where you take the most beautiful pictures to keep memories of your company, complement your family album or your social media newsfeed.

Sink into history

There used to be ancient mill in here. While looking at the pieces preserved to this moment and while being in the centuries-old forest you can feel the energy of the past. Dive into this atmosphere to the full extent and get to know daily life of that time…


In Karelian forests you have chance to take a few steps, go for a walk, hide, wait. Animal won’t make you wait too long and all the rest depends on you! Bring back home trophies from Karelian woods and it’s untouched paths. Different kinds of trophies will satisfy even the most experienced hunting enthusiast!


Love hunting but not ready to touch the gun? Then photo-hunting is for you, it’s a new trend of active and creative vacation that will let you capture animals in their natural habitat without doing any harm. Do you want to get a bear to your collection? Come here in summer when they’re most active and in spring to capture awaking of shaggy but yet sleepy animal. Other wild animals and birds we have here will definitely not disappoint your creative mind! 

Eat berries from the bush

Sit back comfy in the green grass and enjoy reaped berries straight from the bush as much as you can, and welcome back in autumn to pick some mushrooms! Don’t miss your chance to fill your body with vitamins! But don’t forget to keep some for your time at home, so you can get some vitamins even in urban environment where it’s actually necessary!


Luce, perch, roach, whitefish, ide… And maybe you can find something else in here? That’s what really should be found out! Don’t miss your opportunity to come back home with considerable trophy! We’ll provide you all that you need for summer and winter fishing!