In Karelia
In it’s very wilderness
What is included

Made of organic materials, eco- guest house “ECHO” will help you get into the spirit of forest. The guest house is located in Mikhailov lakes in the forest a private place between two of the clearest forest lakes, transition of which forms natural waterfall and a pound.

The house is designed for a comfort living of a whole family or a company of friends. Hot Russian sauna near the waterfall will give your body healthy rest, cleanest water and steam whisks are at your service

And when you want to unite with your dearest to enjoy stunning views, you can use gazebo, from this spot you can already see the breathtaking view of a cleanest lake.

Long time ago one karelian family used to live here, there was a mill on the waterfall, it’s foundation and a couple of grinding plates are still there. Nowadays, picturesque view, lakes full of fish, quietness of nature and a cozy home will help you to have a great time here with your friends or your family. Privacy of the place will guarantee you vacation free of noises, crowds and daily routine.

For those who like fishing, there’re motorboats and all the equipment needed. For people who like active vacation we have ATVs and snowmobiles that are perfectly designed for extreme riding long-range tracks in the forest.


In the house you will find everything that you need:

- sitting-room — kitchen (big table, dish, gas stove)

- bedroom — 6 single beds, Russian cooker

- opportunity to set additional couches

- outhouse restroom (specially for you comfy country toilet bowl is equipped).


There’s also summer room at your disposal with three additional couches:

- bedroom — 3 single beds and a Russian cooker


The schedule of vacation, hunting, fishing in Karelia and timing can be discussed personally with each guest via e-mail  or via cell-phone + 7 (911) 430-05-02

We’re here for you to tell all the details! Unforgettable vacation is waiting for you!


Attention! When work in the forest is being carried out our phone might not have a signal. Please call us back later or send an email. We will make sure to contact you.